Elevating Risk Management and Compliance Practice in FS Industry through Quantum Computing

Relatore:  Mario Onorato - Head of Enterprise Risk Management, IBM Italia S.p.A.
  lunedì 10 giugno 2024 alle ore 11.30 Sala Verde (presenza e da remoto)

"High Performance Computing” (HPC) already provides cutting-edge solutions in terms of processing power today. In many business areas, the achieved results are already considered optimal. Over time, the deployment of this state-of-the-art technology in other business areas is already included in industrial and strategic plans of FS Institutions to maintain, if not improve, one's ability to compete and retain market leadership.
The applications of quantum computing that can lead to significant improvements and cannot be achieved by HPC computing will essentially be categorized into four areas: stochastic simulation, optimization, machine learning, and security.
These four areas lead to hundreds of potentially disruptive business use cases in some core business areas.
Identifying these disruptive core business use cases is one of the key success factors.
It's not just about understanding the technology, but also about intercepting the processes where the application of quantum computing will be a game changer once it becomes available, so that we can be prepared. In the target architecture, quantum computers will not completely replace traditional computers; instead, they will work synergistically with them.
The 'quantum advantage' is indeed the moment when a quantum machine outperforms the most powerful classical computer in a practical and relevant task. The 'Quantum Advantage Enterprise' represents a potentially disruptive advantage in CORE areas, which could necessitate significant business restructuring for those without it.
Mario has  more than 30 years of risk modeling and governance experience in the banking  and insurance sectors. He is Associate Partner and responsible for the IBM Consulting Offering of Risk, Compliance, Quantum and Security Solution.
Mario is also the Enterprise Risk Management Practice Leader of Promontory a Division of IBM Consulting.
Prior to joining Promontory in 2017, Mario was the Group Head of Financial and Credit Risk at Generali, where he regularly acted as liaison to regulators in countries where the Group was active on all financial, credit and liquidity risk regulatory matters, while at the same time ensuring appropriate communication to the Board and Senior Management of the business implications of modelling choices. Prior to that he was the Practice Leader  of Balance Sheet & Capital Management Solutions at Algorithmics, an IBM Company.
In this role, Mario was responsible for the development of Asset and Liability Management, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Economic and Regulatory Capital solutions for commercial and investment banks  worldwide.
During his career Mario has also held a number of academic positions in The Netherlands, Italy and in the UK where he was Honorary Professor of the Risk Management Practice at Bayes Business School, City University, London.
He is author of several books and research papers on various risk management topics in the areas of credit, market, liquidity risk and risk adjusted performance. Mario holds a PhD in Finance from Bayes Business School, UK.

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