Convolution theory in scale domain and automatic comparisons between representations in different domains

Relatore:  Antonio De Sena - Università di Verona
  giovedì 27 settembre 2007 alle ore 17.00

The presentation is split in two topics: the first starts from the
search for a "scale white noise" that will bring to a definition of a
framework based on convolution, correlation, spectral density and
Wiener-Khinchin theorem in scale domain.
In the second topic an algorithm for a quick automatic comparison
between different domains representations will be described. This
algorithm allows to decide which transform represents more efficiently a
given signal.
Other minor topics will be discussed. These works have been performed by
the author as an exchange visitor at Hunter College, City University of
New York, in collaboration and under the supervision of Prof. Leon

Davide Rocchesso

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18 settembre 2007

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