Pictorial Query Specification for Browsing Through Spatially-Referenced Image Databases

Relatore:  Hanan Samet - Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland
  martedì 20 marzo 2007 alle ore 17.00 inizio alle 17:30. Alle 17.00 caffe', te` e biscotti

A pictorial query specification technique that enables the formulation
of complex pictorial queries for browsing through a collection of
spatially-referenced images  is presented.  It is distinguished from
most other methods  by the fact that in these methods the query image
specifies a target database image in its entirety whereas in our
approach the query image specifies the combination of objects that the
target database image should contain rather than being treated as a
whole image.  Using our technique, it is possible to specify which
particular objects should appear in the target images, how many
occurrences of each object are required, and spatial constraints that
specify bounds on the distance between objects and the relative
direction between them.  Each pictorial query is composed of one or
more query images.  Each query image is constructed by selecting the
required query objects and positioning them according to the desired
spatial configuration.  Boolean combinations of two or more query
images are also possible by use of AND and OR operators.  A query
image may be negated in order to specify conditions that should not be
satisfied by the database images that are retrieved successfully.  In
addition, a capability is provided to specify whether the same
instance of an object is to be used when it appears in more than one
of the query images that make up the pictorial query, or whether two
different instances are allowed.  Several example queries are given
that demonstrate the expressive power of this query specification
method in an application that browses the results in a map image
database application.  In addition, an example is given in the context
of a system to locate logos in an image database.

* Joint work with Aya Soffer and Andre Folkers

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1 marzo 2007

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