Fun Learning, Robotics for Students, and Multibody Dynamics for Advanced and Rural Industries

Relatore:  Prof. S. K. Saha - Dept. of Mech. Engg., IIT Delhi, INDIA
  martedì 6 giugno 2006 alle ore 17.30 caffè, tè & C. ore 17.00
After the introduction to the IIT system, R&D activities at IIT Delhi, and the Mechatronics Laboratory, the speaker will share his experiences as an educator, a researcher, and a designer. This will cover his new way to teaching in a class-room set-up. Dr. Saha plays three games, namely, `Word Antakshari,’ `Dumb Charades,’ and `Jigsaw Puzzle’ in order to make the scientific and technical subjects like Mechanics, Design, etc., more interesting. In order make the students also interested in creative activities, he has been guiding about 20 member student team every year to take part in the international cum national robot design competition called ROBOCON. Besides, his approach to model a mechanical system, e.g., a robot manipulator, using the Decoupled Natural Orthogonal Complement (DeNOC) matrices will be presented. The DeNOC matrices have got the attention of international researchers working in the area of Multibody Dynamics due to their ability to provide efficient and numerical stable simulation algorithms. In the last part of his presentation, he will present his experience of modeling and designing several systems, for example, rack and pinion steering system for an automobile company in India, and carpet loom, scrapping machine, etc. for the carpet industries of India.

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Paolo Fiorini

Data pubblicazione
31 maggio 2006

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