Permutation groups and democracy

Relatore:  Daniela Bubboloni - Università di Firenze
  giovedì 9 maggio 2024 alle ore 15.30 Aula L (presenza e remoto)

Abstract: In this seminar we explore how actions of permutation groups
can be used to deal with problems in social choice theory, the
mathematical description of democracy. The main ideas of social choice
theory are introduced  by the use of symmetric groups, letting the
tension among resoluteness, anonymity and neutrality for social choice
correspondences emerge. Generalizing a famous theorem by H. Moulin, we
introduce a concept of regularity for a special class of permutation
groups,  which is rich in applications in social choice theory but also
interesting from a pure group theoretical point of view.


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Referente: Lidia Angeleri


Lidia Angeleri

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28 marzo 2024

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