"Mining Healthcare Big Data - Concepts, Techniques and Practice"

Relatore:  Alex M. H. Kuo - University of Victoria, BC, Canada
  martedì 10 ottobre 2023 alle ore 10.30 Sala Verde (presenza e remoto)
Abstract: Big Data is different from the so called big data set in that it is a collection of data so large, so complex, so distributed, and growing so fast (or so called 5Vs). Big Data are not usable until they can be aggregated and integrated into a manner that computer can process to generate knowledge. Extracting useful knowledge from Big Data can be considered as a processing pipeline that involves multiple distinct configuration stages to achieve full utilization. Each stage faces several specific challenges. The objective of this presentation is to discuss the opportunities of mining health Big Data to improve healthcare as well as the challenges and solutions for health Big Data Analytics (BDA) – the process of extracting knowledge from sets of Health Big Data.
Short bio: Dr. Alex Kuo holds a PhD from the Department of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, UK. He is a Professor at the School of Health Information Science, University of Victoria, BC, Canada. He was a visiting scholar at the Electronic Commerce Resource Centre (ECRC), Georgia Tech. (1999-2000), and the Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval (CEDAR), School of Medicine, Stanford University (2015-2016). Now, he is the chair of the IEEE Big Data Education Track and the study group leader of Metadata Standard for Big Data Management at the IEEE Big Data Initiative (BDI).

With over 20 years of programming and data analysis practical as well as research experience, he has over 140 peer-reviewed publications. His research interests include health Big Data analytics, health data interoperability, health database & data warehousing, data mining application in healthcare, e-health and clinical decision support system.

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