Code Obfuscation: Novel Applications, Algorithms, and Evaluation Techniques

Relatore:  Christian Collberg - University of Arizona
  lunedì 4 luglio 2022 alle ore 11.30

Lunedì 04/07/2022 ore 11:30 - Sala Verde (in presenza e on line)

Title: Code Obfuscation: Novel Applications, Algorithms, and Evaluation Techniques

Speaker:   Christian Collberg - University of Arizona


Code obfuscation is typically employed in security scenarios where an

adversary is in complete control over a device and the software it

contains and can tamper with it at will. We call such situations the

Man-At-The-End (MATE) scenario. MATE scenarios are the best of all

worlds for attackers and, consequently, the worst of all worlds for

defenders: Not only do attackers have physical access to a device and

can reverse engineer and tamper with it at their leisure, they often

have unbounded resources (time, computational power, etc.) to do so.

Defenders, on the other hand, are often severely constrained in the

types of protective techniques available to them and the amount of

overhead they can tolerate.

In this talk we will show that MATE attacks appear in many novel and

unlikely scenarios, including smart cars, smart meters, and mobile

applications such as Snapchat and games, Internet of Things, and ad

blocking in web browsers. We will further discuss the design of the

Tigress obfuscator, including some novel attacks against obfuscated

code, and novel Tigress transformations to withstand such attacks.

Finally, we will discuss The Grand Reverse Engineering Challenge, and

how we have collected highly granular data on how real reverse engineers


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