Extending perfect matchings to Hamiltonian cycles in graphs [2 ECTS, MAT/03] (Online)

Relatore:  Jean Paul Zerafa - Comenious University (Bratislava)
  venerdì 8 luglio 2022

A graph admitting a perfect matching is said to have the Perfect-Matching-Hamiltonian property if each one of its perfect matchings can be extended to a Hamiltonian cycle of the graph. This property was first introduced by Las Vergnas and Häggkvist in the 1970s, a decade after Ore proved one of the most well-known results regarding Hamiltonicity. The main scope of these lectures is to introduce the above property and to take a comprehensive look at results in this area. Open problems and ideas for future work shall also be discussed.

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Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo

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4 maggio 2022

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