Designing and evaluating interaction in Mixed Reality

Relatore:  Andrea Giachetti, Ariel Caputo - Università di Verona - Dip. Informatica
  martedì 13 luglio 2021 alle ore 14.00

The effective use of mixed reality apps in production contexts is difficult due to the relevant issues in the interaction with the virtual content due to human factors and limits of current technology. Smart solutions not necessarily mimicking real-world interaction and proper user testing are therefore necessary to select the best options to realize immersive experiences where the user can manipulate virtual objects, navigate in virtual spaces or enhance the natural visual perception with additional data. In this presentation we will describe some recent works in the field, discussing their outcomes. Furthermore, a powerful tool for the design interactions in Mixed reality is gesture recognition. Recognition of hand gestures can be nowadays performed directly from the stream of hands' skeletons, provided by standalone low-cost trackers, possibly included in MR headsets (Hololens, Oculus Quest), or estimated with video processing software modules (e.g. Google Mediapipe). In this presentation, we will describe our works aimed at developing and benchmarking algorithms for online gesture detection and classification.

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Franco Fummi

Data pubblicazione
14 giugno 2021

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