Assertion-based verification of containerized ROS-compliant SW for robotic systems

Relatore:  Graziano Pravadelli, Samuele Germiniani - Università di Verona - Dip. Informatica
  martedì 29 giugno 2021 alle ore 14.00
This workshop deals with an architecture and the corresponding automatic flow to generate, orchestrate and deploy a ROS-compliant verification environment for robotic systems. The architecture enables assertion-based verification by exploiting  monitors automatically synthesized from LTL assertions. The monitors are encapsulated in plug-and-play ROS nodes that do not require any modification to the system under verification(SUV). To guarantee both verification accuracy and real-time constraints of the system in a resource-constrained environment even after the monitor integration, we define an approach to move the monitor evaluation across the different layers of an edge-to-cloud computing platform. The verification environment is containerized for both cloud and edge computing using Docker to enable system portability and to handle, at run-time, the resources allocated for verification. The proposed architecture has been evaluated on a complex distributed system implementing a mobile robot path planner based on 3D simultaneous localization and mapping.

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Franco Fummi

Data pubblicazione
27 maggio 2021

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