Brain imaging with diffusion MRI: from local reconstruction to brain network analysis. [2ECTS, MAT/08]

Relatore:  Matteo Frigo - INRIA - Sophia Antipolis
  martedì 25 maggio 2021 alle ore 13.00 see course schedule

The human brain is a complex multiscale biomechanism where microscopic
interactions have macroscopic effects (and vice-versa) and it is
composed of ~80 billion neuronal cells connected by ~160 km of fibers
called axons. Studying its structure and functioning in a quantitative
way is one of the core scientific challenges of the 21st century. With
Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI) it is possible to do these
studies non-invasively. The dMRI technique allows to obtain an accurate
description of the architecture of the brain that paves the way to the
exploration of its microstructure, the estimation of the neuronal fiber bundles'
geometry, and the graph-theoretical analysis of the
network of brain's connections. In this seminar course we
will first learn how to represent and model the dMRI signal, focusing on
the inverse problems related to the reconstruction of the anisotropy of
the brain tissues. We will then integrate this local
information to gain insights into the global organisation of the
interactions between different regions of the cerebral cortex, which are
encoded as edges in a graph called connectome. Finally, we will see how
the topology of these networks exhibit the so-called "small-worldness"


tuesday,        25   May  13.10 - 15.00

wednesday,  26 May  11.10-13.00   + possibly 14.00-15.00

thursday,       27  May  9.00-11.00 + possibly til 12.00

friday,            28 May   14.00-16.00 + more if needed ("hands on" lab session)


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20 maggio 2021

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