Modelling, learning and populating ontologies for the Semantic Web

Relatore:  Marco Rospocher - Università di Verona
  mercoledì 4 dicembre 2019 alle ore 15.30 Aula L
Ontologies are the tools for organising data and knowledge in the Semantic Web. In this seminar I will briefly overview some of my research activities related to ontologies, and in particular on how to (i) model them, and how to (ii) learn and (iii) populate them from textual content. On the modelling side, I'll present some works done on supporting the collaborative construction of ontologies, and on the development of some specific ontological frameworks to support tasks such as decision support and business process modelling. On the learning side, I'll review some works done on approaching the problem of learning expressive ontological axioms from natural language sentences as a neural machine translation task. Finally, concerning ontology population, I'll overview some works related to the instantiation of event-centric knowledge graphs from natural language texts, and their application to improve information retrieval.
I'll conclude discussing some future work directions.

Contact Person: R. Giacobazzi 


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20 novembre 2019

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