Model-driven optimisation and control of large-scale agent-based dynamics [2 ECTS, MAT/08]

Relatore:  D. Kalise - Nottingham University
  lunedì 18 novembre 2019 alle ore 15.15
In this series of lectures we discuss the design of different control laws for large-scale, agent-based nonlinear systems arising in crowd motion, robotics, and social dynamics. The design of control signals is driven by the dynamical models under consideration, and its synthesis is analysed within a computational optimisation and control framework. 
Lecture I:
18/11, AULA M 13:40-15:20
Ad-hoc feedback designs, nonlinear stability analysis of feedback laws, consensus problems.

Lecture II:
19/11, AULA M 15:20-17:00
Optimal control for agent-based dynamics, optimality systems, numerical realisation.

Lecture III:
20/11, Laboratorio Ciberfisico 8:40-10:20
Optimal feedback design, circumventing the curse of dimensionality in nonlinear optimal control.

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8 novembre 2019

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