Indoor shortest path problem and applications

Relatore:  F. Corsini, A. Simone
  giovedì 25 luglio 2019 alle ore 11.00 Aula Riunioni 2o piano
The shortest path problem refers to finding the shortest path connecting two points, while avoiding collision with obstacles.
It is nowadays widely studied since it arises in several application contexts. 
The aim of this report is to focus on the indoor shortest path problem, that is to find the shortest path between two points inside a building, in terms of time needed to go from one to the other.
We first give some notions and algorithms, we present numerical results on a specific example and we propose further possible improvements.

F. Corsini and A. Simone

This seminar is the final presentation for the Research Modelling Seminar ECMI course.
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24 luglio 2019

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