Pseudodifferential operators, optimal grids, and evolution equations: a case study for micromagnetics

Relatore:  Cyrill Muratov - NJIT-New Jersey Institute of Technology
  giovedì 16 giugno 2005 alle ore 17.30 Ore 17.00: tè, caffè e &.
Pseudodifferential operators, such as the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map for the
Laplace's equation in half-space often arise in nonlinear
problems, and, in particular, in the context of pattern
formation. Efficient numerical methods can therefore be very useful in
understanding the spatiotemporal dynamics in these complex nonlinear
systems. In this talk, I will review a number of examples of models in
developmental biology, semiconductors physics, and micromagnetics in which
pseudodifferential operators play a crucial role. I will then discuss
several implementations of optimal grids for the numerical studies of the
domain wall structures in thin film micromagnetics and present an
important new type of solutions found in these studies.

Giandomenico Orlandi

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30 maggio 2005

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