Linear Algebraic Representation of Knowledge State of Agent

Linear Algebraic Representation of Knowledge State of Agent
Relatore:  Satoshi Tojo - JAIST
  martedì 27 febbraio 2018 alle ore 16.30 Sala verde
Thus far, we have proposed a linear algebraic representation for frame property, that is the accessibility in possible worlds, based on Fitting's reformulation of Kripke semantics. This formulation helps us to represent the mental states of introspective agent easily, and we have shown that this also helps logic beginners to learn modal logic. Then, we look back the various aspects of agent communication, and consider extending the idea to the network of channels in agents, that can be another matrix. In this talk, we intend to combine all those linear algebraic methodology in bilinear calculus, and to apply it for the collective belief revision. Also, we discuss such composite information passing in general, towards the formalization of "who knows what at which time".

Peter Michael Schuster

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30 gennaio 2018

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