Quantum Formal Methods: From Languages to Verification

Relatore:  Rajagopal Nagarajan - Middlesex University London
  mercoledì 27 settembre 2017 alle ore 16.00
The novel field of quantum computation and quantum
information has gathered significant impetus in the last few
years, and it has the potential to radically impact the future of
information technology. While the successful construction of a
large-scale quantum computer may be some years away, 
equipment for quantum cryptography is commercially available
and a satellite has been launched by China to provide secure 
quantum communication. However, it is well known from experience 
with classical systems that it is notoriously difficult to achieve robust and
reliable implementations. Techniques based on
formal verification are now widely used by industry to ensure that
classical systems meet their specifications. In this talk, I
will introduce quantum programming/specification languages and give 
an overview of our ongoing work on formal methods for modelling and analysis of 
quantum protocols and, eventually, their implementations.

Alessandra Di Pierro

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22 settembre 2017

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