CHASE: A Contract-Based Requirement Engineering Framework for Cyber-Physical System Design

Relatore:  Michele Lora - Università di Verona
  martedì 18 ottobre 2016 alle ore 16.30 Rinfresco 16.15, inizio seminario 16.30.
Design of Cyber-Physical Systems requires to handle a widely heterogeneous set of requirements. As such, the correctness of the design flow require these requirements to be properly managed and integrated. Contracts allows to specify systems using a wide set of heterogeneous formalisms, including Temporal Logics, Mixed-Integer Linear Constraints and different kinds of Automata. Contract-based design allows to model the system in a compositional and hierarchical way. As such, Contract-based design is a powerful paradigm for the design of Cyber-Physical Systems. However, tools and automation still lack.

The seminar aims at giving an overview of CHASE (Contract-based Heterogeneous Analysis and System Exploration). It is a C++ library that provides an intermediate representation for an heterogeneous set of specifications. In particular, it is meant to be a homogeneous framework for Contract-based reasoning. It is capable to manage requirements expressed using Domain Specific Languages based on different underneath formalisms. It allows to describe system topologies using graphs, and system dynamics described in terms of temporal logic formulae. It provides a set of APIs, that allows to interact with CHASE internal representation to perform manipulations or apply Contract Algebra operations. Finally, the framework may interact with different back-end tools to perform synthesis, optimization and verification. This aims at providing a good starting point to build automatic tools implementing Platform-Based Design methodologies with Contracts using different specification formalisms.

The development of this framework is ongoing as a collaboration with people from the EECS department of the University of California Berkeley, the EE department of the University of Southern California and the IBM Research laboratories in Haifa.

Ca' Vignal - Piramide, Piano 0, Sala Verde

Franco Fummi

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23 settembre 2016

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