Technology-based design of smart systems: how to take into account power, temperature and reliability in a traditional functional design flow

Relatore:  Sara Vinco - Politecnico di Torino
  martedì 16 giugno 2015 alle ore 17.00 16:45 rinfresco, 17:00 inizio seminario
The high degree of heterogeneity typical of smart systems has a heavy impact on their design: the challenges are not restricted to their functionality, but are also related to a number of extra-functional properties, including power consumption, temperature and aging. Such challenges have traditionally been investigated and faced with specific technology-based modeling flows and simulation tools, often falling back on electrical networks and model-based solutions. As a result, the design of a smart system is not targeted as a whole, but rather by focusing on the single domains and properties. This talk will outline how the functionality world and the technology world can blend and enhance each other in a common simulation infrastructure, mastering smart systems as a whole.

Franco Fummi

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4 giugno 2015

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