Thou Shalt is not You Will

Relatore:  Guido Governatori - Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  giovedì 10 ottobre 2013 alle ore 14.30 2:45 p.m rinfresco; 2:30 p.m inizio seminario


Temporal logic has been successfully used for the verification of software and hardware. Business Process Compliance can be seen as special form of verification where the formal specifications for a process are verified again formal specifications for the norms.  Temporal logics have been advanced as a tool for this type of verification as well. In the first part of the presentation we propose an abstract semantics for the normative requirements. In the second part we investigate the suitability of temporal logic to model compliance, and we point out some shortcomings. 




Ca' Vignal 2, Piano terra, Aula Gino Tessari

Francesco Olivieri

Data pubblicazione
6 ottobre 2013

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