How patents are different from papers and how they can be useful for start-ups

Relatore:  Prof. Andre Reis - UFRGS, Brazil
  martedì 20 novembre 2012 alle ore 17.00 4:45 p.m rinfresco; 5:00 p.m inizio seminario -- Sala Verde
Professors and students are well acquainted with papers, as
the process of academic evaluation attributes high value to paper
publication as a form of academic work recognition. Patents are
different from papers, but with some small changes in the mindset,
academic writers can successfully write patents in their own. In this
talk, Prof. André Reis will present his personal trajectory that lad
him to understand the legal patent system starting with an academic
mindset. The attendees will receive insights on how to use the patent
system efficiently by adapting their paper writing and submission
skills. More than that, efficient patent strategies for start-ups will
be presented.

Tiziano Villa

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6 novembre 2012

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