Computational technology for behavior analysis: from behavioral sciences to neuroimaging studies

Relatore:  Prof. Vittorio Murino
  mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012 alle ore 14.45 14:45 rinfresco; 15:00 inizio seminario.

This talk aims at describing the general activity streams in Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision carried out during the 2 years spent at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).
The research core consists in investigating the behavior in real situations using an holistic approach involving advanced computational methods and, when possible, also behavioral and brain sciences studies at different levels.
As for humans, the main idea is to address nonverbal behavior of individuals, groups and crowds, in real environments, exploiting single and multi-modal cues, by devising computational models, mainly computer vision and pattern recognition/machine learning, integrated with psychological theories and findings.
Behavior analysis is also an important aspect of neuroscientific studies considering both animals and humans, often the former functional to the latter.
The expected end result will be the design and development of a set of computational “social” tools allowing scientists to perform a more comprehensive and robust analysis of behavior.
This will potential lead to important findings in the several disciplines and applications, and we will present some examples related to video surveillance and monitoring and neuroscience, more specifically to the analysis of neuroimaging data as related to the study of behavior with respect to brain pathologies like autism and schizophrenia.

Ca' Vignal - Piramide, Piano 0, Sala Verde


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1 febbraio 2012

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