Andrea Centazzo multimedia concert: a multi-dimensional experience

Relatore:  Andrea Centazzo
  martedì 29 novembre 2011 alle ore 15.45 15:45 rinfresco; 16:00 inizio seminario.
During his artistic career that spans over 40 years, award winning composer, conductor, percussionist, multimedia artist and filmmaker Andrea Centazzo has given more than 2000 concerts and live performances in Europe and the United States, as well as appeared and performed on numerous radio and television broadcasts worldwide. He has recorded over 200 LP's, CD's and DVD’s, and he has authored 500 compositions mostly published by Warner Chappell (ranging from opera and symphony to solo works) and eight musicology books.                                                                                                                                                         He’s the director of more than 10 video films presented in all the festivals and venues around the world.

For 20 years now, Centazzo has been working to create multi-media experiences, combining live music with video images, blending traditional instrumentation with the latest music digital technology. He started in early 80s with live camera signal filtered and manipulated on stage ending in this days  syncing pre recorded videos with his live musical performances in one-of a kind narrative experience.                                                                                                                                                                    

In 2005 he presented his first thematic multimedia project MANDALA (now premiering in January 2012 in a new version at the Hobart international Festival - Tasmania Australia) around the world with a commission of Rubin Museum in New York City. In 2007 ETERNAL TRAVELER (inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci) got enthusiastic welcome from audiences and critics both in USA and Europe, appearing in TV broadcasts at CBS, KPFK, Rai and several international magazines.

Lately finding a new source of inspiration in Science and Technology Centazzo wrote and directed a worldwide acclaimed multimedia shows: EINSTEIN'S COSMIC MESSENGERS (with NASA astrophysicist Michele Vallisneri inspired by the Gravitational Waves). Produced by Caltech and LIGO with the NASA support, the show has been presented all over USA in major universities and theaters and it will be premiered in a new version at JPL NASA in February 2012. A UK Universities tour will follow in Fall 2012. 

This seminar will explore the genesis of this unique multimedia experience from the beginning up to date. It will explain the compositional proceeding both audio and video, also performing live some compositions and finally it will introduce the esthetic and philosophy behind the projects.

Ca' Vignal - Piramide, Piano 0, Sala Verde

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16 novembre 2011

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