SPAWNE - Smart Pole WSN Network - Joint Project 2014

Data inizio
2 gennaio 2015
Durata (mesi) 
Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Pravadelli Graziano

The SPaWNE project aims at improving and extending the functionalities of Smart Pole WSN (SPW), an embedded device developed to implement monitoring systems for ski runs.
The device is equipped with wireless sensors that allow the creation of a short range communication network. SPW appears like a normal signaling pole for ski runs, but it includes a monitoring and communication system to implement several smart and innovative functionalities.
It has been experimentally installed in several ski runs in the nort of Italy during the 2013 winter with the goal of signaling the runs limits to maintainers and operators, detecting their presence and flashing light on their approaching.
First installations allowed to verify the behavior of SPW in the target environment, which is particularly hostile in terms of temperature and humidity. Despite a satisfactory practicality, SPW has highlighted some problems related to the efficiency of the wireless communication and to power consumption.
The SpaWNE project is intended to solve such problems and extend SPW functionality according to the customer feedbacks. It is foreseen to re-design SPW by means of virtual prototyping and model-based design to analyze more formally and systematically scenarios and use cases derived from the experience following installation in winter 2013.

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Telefin S.p.A.
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