Development of a software simulation application for the Exploratory Research project "In-cell tool for Remote Operation on Spent Nuclear Material"

Data inizio
2 luglio 2010
Durata (mesi) 
Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Fiorini Paolo

This work addresses the problem of training of operators for telemanipulat¡on tasks. In particular, it focuses on
the development of a physics based virtual environment that allows a user to train in the control of an innovative robotic
tool designed for the retrieval of spent nuclear fuels. The robotic device is designed to adapt to very different
environments, at the cost of an increased complexity in its control. The virtual environment provides realistic simulation of
robot dynamics. The two most challenging tasks related to robot control have been identified and implemented in the simulation,
leading to an effective tool for the training. The developed application has been tested with potential users, and the results of the preliminary tests have been very encouraging.

Enti finanziatori:

Commissione Europea - Centro Comune di Ricerca - Istituto per la Protezione e la Sicurezza del Cittadino
Finanziamento: assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento
Programma: ART66 - Attività Commerciale

Partecipanti al progetto

Paolo Fiorini
Professore ordinario
Aree di ricerca coinvolte dal progetto
Sistemi ciberfisici
Embedded and cyber-physical systems