Modeling and Co-simulation Methods and Tools for the Architectural Exploration and Optimization of Smart Devices (McMEOS) - Joint Project 2005

Data inizio
1 gennaio 2007
Durata (mesi) 
Informatica, Ingegneria per la medicina di innovazione
Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Fummi Franco
Parole chiave
Co-simulation, Networked embedded systems, Web-services, Smart camera, Low-power systems

The project is divided in the following work packages, each containing a set of tasks:
  • WP1: Analysis of Neuricam’s co-simulation requirements and adaptation of the HSN platform
  • T1.1 Analysis of Neuricam HDL descriptions and list of requirements
  • T1.2 Design and Implementation of HSN new features according to specifications of T1.1
  • WP2: Modeling, simulation , optimization and performance evaluation of partitioned device
  • T2.1 Design and implementation of SystemC/VHDL modules of the Neuricam’s device
  • T2.2 Device partitioning and simulation inside HSN
  • T2.3 Power consumption optimization through software techniques
  • T2.4 Simulation analysis and identification of best partitioning
  • WP4: Design and Implementation of a web-based embedded terminal
  • T4.1 Specification of Hardware/software requirements
  • T4.2 Hardware/OS design and implementation
  • T4.3 Software design and implementation
  • T4.4 Integration and tes

Enti finanziatori:

Finanziamento: assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento
Programma: PROGATENEO - Progetti d'Ateneo
Finanziamento: assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento
Programma: PROGATENEO - Progetti d'Ateneo

Partecipanti al progetto

Paolo Azzoni
Franco Fummi
Professore ordinario