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Disordered systems – Structural and vibrational properties Disordered systems represent a broad class of materials including glasses, polymers, biological material, and geological systems such as magmas. The study of their vibrational properties is an open issue in condensed matter physics, with fundamental and technological implications. Raman spectroscopy allows to tackle this study and can be further complemented by structural and dynamical information obtained by x-rays and neutrons experiments at International Research Facilities. Fisica sperimentale applicata
Optical and vibrational properties
Micro- and nano-scale materials Micro-Raman spectroscopy provides a unique tool to study the vibrational properties of micro- and nano-scaled materials. The so-obtained vibrational spectra allow to identify the composition of the material and convey information on both atomic dynamics and structural arrangement. Typical applications range from the phase identification of micro-crystalline minerals in rocks to the study of the properties of carbon nano-structures such as graphene and quantum dots Fisica sperimentale applicata
Micro- and nano-scale materials
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SOLSA - Sonic Drilling coupled with Automated Mineralogy and chemistry On-Line-On-Mine-Real-Time 01/02/16


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