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Seminari Moduli ALGebre e Anelli (MALGA)

Lidia Angeleri
Questo ciclo di seminari è organizzato congiuntamente dall'Università di Verona e dall'Università di Padova.

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Seminari già svolti
Data Ora Titolo Relatore
31/05/24 17.00 Aula G Examples of Ring Epimorphisms Ivo Herzog - Ohio State University
10/04/24 15.00 Sala Riunioni Orthogonality of weight and t-structures via derived projective covers Lukas Bonfert - Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik Bonn
10/04/24 16.30 Aula L Wall and chamber structure for finite dimensional algebras and perverse sheaves Martina Lanini - Università Roma Tor Vergata
12/12/23 16.30 Aula M Bricks and tau-rigid modules and their interaction Charles Paquette - Royal Military College of Canada
22/11/23 15.30 Aula Tessari On generalizations of an old theorem of Rickard's Amnon Neeman - Università di Milano
22/11/23 17.00 Aula Tessari Heart fans Jonathan Woolf - University of Liverpool
17/10/23 On τ-representation types with examples from the representation theory of valued quivers Calvin Pfeiffer - University of Southern Denmark
17/10/23 ∞-Dold-Kan correspondence via representation theory Chiara Sava - Charles University Prague
20/09/23 17.00 Aula G Ideals associated to subspace arrangements Aldo Conca - Università di Genova
03/05/23 15.30 Aula M Relative Auslander-Gorenstein pairs Tiago Cruz - Max Planck Institut für Mathematik, Bonn
16/03/23 15.30 Aula M (Co)reflective subcategories revisited Manolo Saorín - University of Murcia
16/03/23 17.00 M A functorial approach to rank functions on triangulated categories Frederik Marks - University of Stuttgart
01/02/23 15.30 Sala Riunioni Ca'Vignal 2, secondo piano Migration of silting-like properties via adjoint pairs Ciprian Modoi - Babes-Bolyai University
01/02/23 17.00 Sala Riunioni Ca'Vignal 2, secondo piano Module type, Schreier basis and rings of quotients as unifying concept with toolkit Pham Ngoc Anh - Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics Budapest
14/12/22 17.00 Aula M Dynamical Algebra with Jacobson Radicals Peter Schuster - Universita' di Verona
19/10/22 15.45 T.04 Ca' Vignal 3 On the first Hochschild cohomology of non-wild infinitesimal group algebras Hao Chang - Central China Normal University
19/10/22 17.00 T.04 Ca' Vignal 3 On τ-tilting subcategories Hipolito Treffinger - Université Paris Cité
24/05/22 15.30 Sala Riunioni, CV2 Silting complexes and extensions of commutative rings Simion Breaz - Babes-Bolyai University
24/05/22 17.00 Sala Riunioni, CV2 Topological endomorphism rings of large tilting complexes Michal Hrbek - Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
26/04/22 15.30 Sala Riunioni, CV2 Update on singularity categories Martin Kalck - University of Freiburg
26/04/22 17.00 Sala Riunioni, CV2 Functorial approach to rank functions Teresa Conde - University of Stuttgart
22/03/22 15.30 Aula L, CV2 Homotopical properties of unbounded complexes Ioannis Emmanouil - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
22/03/22 17.00 Aula L, CV2 4-torsion part of the Brauer group Fatma Kader Bingol - University of Verona
18/01/22 15.30 live on zoom Cofibrant objects in representation theory - new results and applications. Rudradip Biswas - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
18/01/22 17.00 Aula C, CV1 Wide subcategories from cosilting torsion pairs Francesco Sentieri - University of Verona
23/11/21 15.30 live on zoom Derived injective objects and some applications Francesco Genovese - Charles University
23/11/21 17.00 live on zoom Motzkin combinatorics for linear degenerations of flag varieties Francesco Esposito - University of Padova
26/10/21 15.30 live on zoom A HAG context for analytic geometry Federico Bambozzi - University of Regensburg
26/10/21 17.00 live on zoom Tilting cotorsion pairs over commutative rings Giovanna Le Gros - University of Stuttgart
24/09/21 16.00 live on zoom On degree -1 operators in cohomology Markus Linckelmann - City, University of London
24/09/21 17.30 live on zoom Hochschild cohomology and the fundamental group(s) of a finite dimensional algebra Benjamin Briggs - MSRI
11/06/21 15.00 live on zoom Utilization of $\lambda$-pure-injective modules Jan Šaroch - Charles University
11/06/21 16.30 live on zoom Torsion modules with pure embeddings Marcos Mazari Armida - Carnegie Mellon University
14/05/21 15.00 live on zoom Uniqueness of enhancements for derived and geometric categories Paolo Stellari - Università degli Studi di Milano
14/05/21 16.30 live on zoom Hochschild cohomology of general twisted tensor products Pablo Ocal - Texas A&M University
23/04/21 15.00 live on zoom The first Hochschild cohomology trivial extensions of quadratic monomial algebras: how to read it from the presentation Andrea Solotar - University of Buenos Aires
23/04/21 16.30 live on zoom Canonical resolutions in hereditary abelian model categories. James Gillespie - Ramapo College
19/03/21 15.00 live on zoom Rank functions on triangulated categories Joseph Chuang - City, University of London
19/03/21 16.30 live on zoom Cluster tilting modules for some selfinjective algebras Karin Erdmann - University of Oxford
19/02/21 15.00 live on zoom Grothendieck groups of triangulated categories with n-cluster tilting subcategories Francesca Fedele - University of Newcastle
19/02/21 16.30 live on zoom Lifting and restricting t-structures Frederik Marks - University of Stuttgart
05/02/21 15.00 live on zoom On graded division rings Javier Sánchez Serdà - Univiersidade de Sao Paulo
05/02/21 16.30 live on zoom Degeneration order for quivers with self-duality of finite representation type Giovanni Cerulli Irelli - Università di Roma Sapienza
04/12/20 14.00 live on zoom Perverse Sheaves and Finite Dimensional Algebras Alessio Cipriani - University of Liverpool
04/12/20 15.30 live on zoom On two problems on uniserial modules Gabriella D'Este - Università di Milano
06/10/20 15.00 live on zoom HRS tilting for co-t-structures and cotorsion pairs Alexandra Zvonareva - University of Stuttgart
06/10/20 16.30 live on zoom Tilting preserves finite global dimension Henning Krause - University of Bielefeld
30/06/20 15.00 live on zoom Iterated HRS-tilting and derived equivalences for commutative notherian rings Sergio Pavon - Università di Padova
30/06/20 16.30 live on zoom Minimal inclusions of torsion classes and cosilting mutation Rosanna Laking - Università di Verona
19/02/20 15.00 Aula H Grothendieck hearts of t-structures via universal constructions Manuel Saorin - University of Murcia
19/02/20 16.30 Aula H Generalised BGP reflection functors via the Grothendieck construction Gustavo Jasso - University of Bonn
09/10/19 15.00 Sala Riunioni II piano On the representation dimension of finite dimensional k-algebras and Auslander's generators Sonia Trepode - Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
09/10/19 16.30 Sala Riunioni II piano Generalised Igusa-Todorov functions Marcelo Lanzilotta - Universidad de la Republica de Uruguay
09/07/19 15.30 Aula L Triangular matrix categories and recollements Valente Santiago Vargas - UNAM México
09/07/19 17.00 Aula L Exactness of direct limits via an injective cogenerator Jan Stovicek - Charles University Prague
20/05/19 15.00 Aula H On the left and right completeness of a t-structure Simone Virili - Universidad de Murcia
20/05/19 16.30 Aula H A spectrum of a triangulated category that is not necessarily tensor-triangulated Ryo Takahashi
25/03/19 16.00 Sala Riunioni II floor Cotilting sheaves over noncommutative curves Dirk Kussin - Universität Bonn
25/03/19 17.00 Sala Runioni II floor New Perspectives on Theoretical Physics: Representation Theory Matteo Caorsi - SISSA Trieste
15/03/19 14.30 Aula H Definability and approximation theory in triangulated categories Rosanna Laking - Università di Verona
15/03/19 16.00 Aula H Pure derived categories and big Cohen-Macaulay modules Tsutomu Nakamura - Università di Verona
30/01/19 14.15 Sala Riunioni II floor Torsion theories in general categories Alberto Facchini - Universita' di Padova
30/01/19 15.30 Sala Riunioni II floor Special preenveloping torsion classes in general abelian categories Manolo Saorín - Universidad de Murica
30/01/19 16.45 Sala Riunioni II floor FP$_{n}$ injective objects in Grothendieck categories with a projective generator Carlos Parra - Universidad Austral de Chile
30/01/19 17.30 Sala Riunioni II floor Morita theory for stable derivators Simone Virili - Universidad de Murcia
17/05/18 15.00 Quantity and size: Auslander-type results in silting theory Jorge Vitória - City University London
17/05/18 16.30 Smashing subcategories generated by partial silting objects Frederik Marks - Universität Stuttgart
31/05/17 15.00 Sala Riunioni II piano Classification of Module Categories via the Gabriel-Roiter Measure Helene Tyler - Manhattan College
26/05/17 15.00 Sala Riunioni II floor On the construction of realization functors via stable derivators Simone Virili - Universidad de Murcia
18/05/17 15.00 Sala Riunioni II floor Formality of P-objects Andreas Hochenegger - Università di Milano
18/05/17 16.30 Sala Riunioni II floor Spherelike objects and quiver constructions David Ploog - Freie Universität Berlin
09/02/17 16.30 Sala Riunioni II piano Negative Calabi-Yau triangulated categories Raquel Coelho Simoes - University of Lisbon
11/11/16 15.00 Sala Riunioni II piano Averaging of t-structures and extension closure of aisles David Pauksztello - Universita' di Verona
11/11/16 16.30 Sala Riunioni II piano TTF-triples in silting theory Jorge Vitória - City University London
06/07/16 15.00 Hammocks via the defect of a short exact sequence Markus Schmidmeier - Florida Atlantic University
06/07/16 16.15 Leavitt path algebras are Bezout Francesca Mantese - Università di Verona
31/05/16 15.30 Sala Riunioni II piano Morita equivalences in modular representation theory Andrei Marcus - Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
31/05/16 17.00 Sala riunione II piano Uniqueness of dg enhancements in geometric contexts Paolo Stellari - Università di Milano
13/04/16 15.30 aula L Computing Krull-Gabriel dimension in module and derived categories Mike Prest - University of Manchester
13/04/16 17.00 aula L Very flat and contraadjusted modules Jan Trlifaj - Charles University Prague
17/02/16 16.00 Aula M Harish-Chandra modules over SL(2,R) and their silting complexes Wassilij Gnedin - University of Stuttgart
17/02/16 17.15 Aula M A finite type result for silting modules Frederik Marks - University of Stuttgart / Verona
13/01/16 16.00 Aula M A simultaneous generalization of mutation and recollement on a triangulated category Hiroyuki Nakaoka - Université de Picardie-Jules Verne
13/01/16 17.15 Aula M n-version of Happel Reiten Smalø tilting theorem and applications Luisa Fiorot - Università di Padova
24/06/15 15.00 aula L Extensions of Chen simple modules over Leavitt path algebras Francesca Mantese - Università di Verona
24/06/15 16.30 aula L Length functions in Grothendieck categories Simone Virili - Università di Padova
18/03/15 17.00 aula H Krull Without Zorn Peter Schuster - Universita di Verona
20/10/14 16.00 Sala Riunioni II piano Higher dimensional tilting modules and homological subcategories Hongxing Chen - Università di Stoccarda
14/05/14 15.00 Sala Riunioni II piano Silting theory Jorge Vitória - Università di Verona
14/05/14 16.30 Sala Riunioni II piano Silting modules and ring epimorphisms Frederik Marks - University of Stuttgart
14/01/14 15.00 Sala Riunioni II piano Direct limits in the heart of the t-structure of Happel-Reiten-Smalø Carlo Parra - Università di Murcia
14/01/14 16.30 Sala Riunioni II piano T-structures of Happel-Reiten-Smalø whose hearts are module categories Manolo Saorin - Università di Murcia
12/11/13 15.00 Sala Riunioni II piano Prime ideals in Noetherian polynomial and power series integral domains Sylvia Wiegand - University of Nebraska
12/11/13 16.30 Sala Riunioni II piano Torsion in tensor products and vanishing of Tor Roger Wiegand - University of Nebraska
06/03/13 15.00 aula B Localisations of rings in representation theory I and II Frederik Marks and Jorge Vitória - University of Stuttgart
15/03/12 Silting objects and t-structures in derived categories I,II,III Qunhua Liu, Jorge Vitoria, Dong Yang - University of Stuttgart
31/01/12 15.00 in Sala Riunioni Characterizations of homological ring epimorphisms Changchang Xi - Capital/Beijing Normal University
31/01/12 16.30 in Sala Riunioni Tilting classes and Grothendieck categories Enrico Gregorio - Università di Verona
14/06/11 15.00 Symmetric powers, Brauer algebras and Schur algebras Steffen König - Università di Stoccarda
14/06/11 16.30 Geometric model for tube categories Karin Baur - ETH Zürich
14/06/11 17.45 Bounded t-structures for piecewise hereditary algebras Qunhua Liu - Università di Stoccarda
07/04/11 15.00 Recollements of derived categories arising from infinitely generated tilting modules Changchang Xi - Beijing Normal University
07/04/11 16.30 Weighted projective lines and nilpotent operators Dirk Kussin - Università di Verona
13/01/11 16.00 Small abelian categories and spectra (Seminario Padova-Verona MALGA: moduli, algebre, anelli) Mike Prest - Università di Manchester
13/01/11 17.30 A counterexample to Rosický’s conjecture (Seminario Padova-Verona MALGA: moduli, algebre, anelli) Silvana Bazzoni - Università di Padova