Ciclo di seminari

Mathematics mini courses 2023-24

Paolo Dai Pra

Prossimi seminari
Data Ora Titolo Relatore
06/05/24 12.30 starting date Advanced Finite Element Methods in Python [MAT08, 2 ECTS] Franco Zivcovich - Neurodec, Nice, France
13/05/24 Numerical method for Mathematical finance Silvia Lavagnini - Oslo University - Department of Data Science and Analytics Nydalsveien

Seminari già svolti
Data Ora Titolo Relatore
03/04/24 Numerical methods for uncertainty quantification [MAT08, 2 ECTS] Chiara Piazzola - Technical University of Munich
05/02/24 16.00 Introduction to Game Theory [1 ECTS] Marc Quincampoix - Université de Brest, France
23/01/24 9.30 see timetable below Introduction to kinetic equations: theory and applications. Prof. Juan Calvo Yagüe - Universidad de Granada
22/01/24 Introduction to kinetic equations: theory and applications [1 ECTS]. Juan Calvo Yagüe - Universidad de Granada
15/01/24 15.30 Sala Verde Mathematical methods in infectious disease: developing tools for modeling and analysis of surveillance data Alexander Viguerie - GSSI and CDC
19/12/23 15.30 aula G Mathematical modelling of tumor growth and epidemiology Luís Almeida - CNRS & Sorbonne Université (Paris)
11/12/23 14.30 Sala Riunioni Ca' Vignal 2 Geometric Invariant Theory for finite dimensional algebras (1 ECTS) Charles Paquette - Royal Military College of Canada
04/12/23 14.30 (to be confirmed) Data-driven Modelling and Reduction of Large-scale Systems [1 ECTS] Dante Kalise - Imperial College London, UK
22/11/23 Learning-based tracking control with safety guarantees for robotic applications (2 ECTS) Leonardo Colombo - Centre for Automation and Robotics CSIC-UPM
06/11/23 9.00 Different, but the same? US and EU digital market law in comparison MATEUSZ GROCHOWSKI - Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg, Germany
26/10/23 13.30 Statistical methods for data analysis in Astrophysics and Cosmology (2ECTS) Carlo Schimd - Aix-Marseille Université
19/10/23 15.30 Advanced Numerical Methods for the solution of Hyperbolic Equations and elements of parallel programming [2 ECTS] Elena Gaburro - Inria center at the University of Bordeaux, France