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Mathematics mini courses 2018-19

Marco Caliari
This is the list of seminars that students in Mathematics (but not only) can attend during the academic year 2018-2019. This list is updated during the year.

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Seminari già svolti
Data Ora Titolo Relatore
11/06/19 13.30 Overdetermined boundary value problems and torsion Dr. Stefano Borghini - Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University
31/05/19 8.30 Initial date Scientific computing in magnetic resonance imaging [0 ECTS] Simona Schiavi - Department of Computer Science, University of Verona
28/05/19 13.30 Cyberphysic laboratory Computer simulation of cardiovascular diseases [0 ECTS] Michele Conti, Anna Ferrarini - University of Pavia
13/05/19 10.30 Numerical Methods for Differential Inclusions [1 ECTS] Sanja Zivanovic Gonzalez - Barry University
12/05/19 Methods and Techniques in Algebraic Geometry (4 ECTS) Prof. Nicola Mazzari - University of Bordeux
10/05/19 10.30 Mnicourse - 4 lectures Connectivity parameters of graphs (2 ECTS) John Baptist Gauci - University of Malta
29/04/19 16.30 Stochastic control and mean-field games [ 2 ECTS ] Luciano Campi - London School of Economics
17/04/19 12.30 Aula C Nonlocal optimal control problems: Lagrangian and Eulerian formulations Giulia Cavagnari - Università di Pavia
11/04/19 Introduction to game theory and applications (2 ECTS) Yurii Averboukh - Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics and Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia
10/04/19 Introduction to game theory and applications (2 ECTS) Averboukh Yurii - Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics and Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia
04/04/19 9.00 Metric Regularity and Control of Ordinary Differential Equations (2 ECTS) Marc Quincampoix - Université Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France
02/04/19 10.30 Continuous Optimization [2 ECTS] Prof. Michael Herty - RTWH Aachen, Germany
01/04/19 16.30 room G Meeting with Corvallis SPA [0 ECTS] TBA - Corvallis SPA
25/03/19 9.30 Affine and polynomial processes with applications in Finance [ 2 ECTS ] Christa Cuchiero - University of Vienna - Faculty of Mathematics
15/03/19 14.30 Proof interpretations: A modern perspective (1 ETCS) Thomas Powell - TU Darmstadt
28/02/19 Introduction to Optimal Transport (2 ECTS) Antonio Marigonda - Università di Verona
17/12/18 15.30 Sala Verde A level set based method for fixing overhangs in 3D printing Emiliano Cristiani - IAC-CNR di Roma
26/11/18 9.30 From interacting Particle systems to Kinetic equations, Part A (1 ECTS) J. Carrillo, C. Totzeck - Imperial College London, TU Kaiserslautern
26/11/18 11.30 From interacting Particle systems to Kinetic equations, Part B (1 ECTS) M. Fornasier, D. Kalise - TUM, ICL
26/11/18 14.30 From interacting Particle systems to Kinetic equations, Part C (1 ECTS) J. Hu, M. Zanella - Purdue Univ., Politecnico di Torino
20/11/18 14.30 Elements of Financial Risk Management (2 ECTS) Kim Christensen - Aarhus University, DK
20/11/18 14.30 Aula M Weak-strong uniqueness for measure-valued solutions in quasiconvex elastodymanics Konstantinos Koumatos - Sussex University
19/11/18 9.00 Room E Intelligent Automation, the essential co-worker for digital company (0 ECTS) Giulio Ravaso, Mauro Pozzoli, Filippo Mela, Emanuele Cittadino, - Ernst & Young
12/11/18 8.45 first lecture of the course, Lab. ciberfisico UPDATES Signal processing and inverse problems in biomedicine [2 ECTS] Samuel Deslauriers - Gauthier - INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée - Université Côte d'Azur - France
24/10/18 8.00 first lecture Partial differential equation models of spatial and evolutionary dynamics in biological systems [3 ECTS] UPDATE TIMETABLE T. Lorenzi and L. Almeida - St. Andrews U. and U. Paris Sorbonne
17/10/18 12.30 Multivariate Advanced Statistics (3 ECTS) Tyll Krüger - Wroclaw University of Technology