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Mathematics mini courses 2016-17

Giandomenico Orlandi

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19/06/17 16.00 Introduction to Topos Theory Iosif Petrakis - Universität München, Germania
01/06/17 11.30 Sala Riunioni II floor Finitistic dimensions for commutative noetherian rings Dolors Herbera - Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
29/05/17 11.30 Monte Carlo and other Numerical Methods of Finance in Energy Markets Ware
29/05/17 13.30 aula Verde Software infrastructures for in silico Clinical Trials Luca Emili - Promeditec - InSilico Trials LLC, Milano
24/05/17 13.30 Starting date Reachability Analysis for nonlinear Hybrid Systems Luca Geretti - Università di Verona
23/05/17 15.30 aula G, starting date Reactive Discrete Equation method for industrial explosive hazard Alberto Beccantini - CEA (Commissariat Energie Atomique) Saclay (France)
22/05/17 11.30 sala Verde - second lecture aula M Reduced models for the Cardiovascular System, 1D models, 0D models Eleuterio Toro - Università di Trento
22/05/17 12.30 Numerical Methods for SDE, Monte Carlo in Finance, and Applications Davison
17/05/17 10.30 sala Verde o aula M (!) Neuro-cardiovascular data assimilation from Magnetic Resonance Giuseppe K. Ricciardi - Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata
15/05/17 11.30 aula Verde Geometrical classification of aortic arches and its impact in clinics M. Marrocco Trischitta - IRCCS San Donato Milanese
08/05/17 Flows on (signed) graphs and networks Prof. Eckhard Steffen - Paderborn University (Germany)
02/05/17 Optimization problems in Liner Shipping David Pisinger - Technical University of Denmark
26/04/17 Splitting methods for PDEs Prof. Alexander Ostermann - Innsbruck
21/04/17 11.30 sala Verde An advanced example of computer aided clinical trial: the iCardioCloud Project Ferdinando Auricchio - Università di Pavia
11/04/17 8.30 Mini corso che proseguirà con altre lezioni Introduction to Game Theory and Applications M.I.Krastanov - University of Sofia and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
11/04/17 16.30 Aula C Casimir preserving discretization of incompressible Euler equations on S^2 Milo Viviani - Chalmers University of Technology - Goteborg
10/04/17 Optimal stopping with applications to finance Campi Luciano - London School of Economics and Political Sciences
04/04/17 11.30 Ca' Vignal 1, aula A Modelling Stochastic Gene Expression Sandro Azaele - University of Leeds
03/04/17 Spectral methods for PDE's S.M. Kaber - Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
03/04/17 An Introduction to Orthogonal Arrays and their Connections with Codes. Tommaso Traetta - Ryerson University (Canada)
31/03/17 11.30 sala Verde Vascular Modeling ToolKit: a tool for patient specific image processing, geometrical modeling, meshing and computations. L. Antiga - Orobix srl, Bergamo
30/03/17 11.30 aula M - beginning of the first course Introduction to mean-field games Diogo Gomes - KAUST (Saudi Arabia)
24/03/17 12.30 aula H topics in applied optimization Edouard Oudet - Université Grenoble Alpes
21/03/17 14.30 Real markets, microstructure, clusters and Hawkes with a Branching process point of view Prof. Simone Mattia Scotti - PMA, Université Paris Diderot
13/03/17 Introduction to Stochastic Partial Diverential Equations Adrian Zalinescu
07/03/17 13.30 Sala Riunioni II floor Cohen-Macaulay modules over Gorenstein local rings Ryo Takahashi - University of Nagoya
06/03/17 Mathematical Modeling for the Circulatory System: Models, Equations, Applications A. Veneziani, L. Antiga, G.K. Ricciardi, F. Auricchio, M. Marrocco-Trischitta, E. Toro, L. Emili
02/03/17 9.00 aula M Growth and Control of Brain Tumours G. Negrelli, C. Langella - Master degree in Mathematics Verona
17/02/17 9.30 laboratorio ALFA Modeling epidemic diffusion: a stochastic approach N. Gugole, M. Turra - Master degree in Mathematics
17/02/17 10.30 laboratorio ALFA A Wavelet-TV approach to super resolution of MRI data. Matteo Frigo - EPFL & Master degree in Mathematics Verona
17/02/17 11.00 laboratorio Alfa Epidermal Wound Healing: A Mathematical Approach M. Ginesi - Master degree in Mathematics
03/02/17 9.15 aula M Tweet generating with Recurrent Neural Networks in urban and rural area András Mihálykó - master degree in mathematics
23/01/17 14.00 NB: AULA G Understanding Ebola virus disease in West Africa: epidemiological investigation and mathematical modeling Stefano Merler - FBK Trento
17/01/17 9.30 laboratorio GAMMA Some continuous models for single and interacting populations Mirko Drazic, Ana Pavlovic - Master degree in Mathematics
16/01/17 14.00 Sala verde Understanding Ebola virus disease in West Africa: epidemiological investigation and mathematical modeling Dr. Stefano Merler, FBK - Trento
11/01/17 10.30 aula AKPP-equations as mathematical models to study the motility of gliomas in b Tumour invasion in brain: mathematical models and numerical results M. Avesani, G. Fiandaca, S. Pagliarini, C. Venturini - Master degree in Mathematics - Verona
09/01/17 14.30 On the broad integrability of a dynamical system Nicola Sansonetto - Università di Verona
22/12/16 11.00 Rinfresco 10.45, inizio seminario 11.00 Cardiovascular Mathematics: from the proof of concept to the clinical practice Alessandro Veneziani - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
20/12/16 12.30 Aula M Pattern Formation on Growing Domains: Alligators and Snakes C. Mattina, F. Montanari, M. Venturini - Master Degree in Mathematics - Verona
16/12/16 10.30 Decoding neuronal spike train signals: from point processes to age structured PDE's Valentina Mazzi - University of Verona
07/12/16 11.30 Controllability properties of dynamical systems with hysteresis Marta Zoppello - Università di Trento
24/11/16 13.30 Time-optimal Control Problems in the Space of Measures Giulia Cavagnari - Università di Trento
18/11/16 10.30 Electromagnetic wave equation: discretization with Whitney finite elements. Chiara Venturini - Università di Verona
18/11/16 14.30 Practical Deep Learning Alex Honchar
07/11/16 Representation Theory of finite dimensional algebras - Exercise classes Jorge Vitória - City University London
04/11/16 11.30 Marine Bacteriophage Dynamics and Evolution Models Silvia Pagliarini - Verona and IDIBAPS, Barcelona
03/11/16 12.30 Sala Verde - Rinfresco 12.15, inizio seminario 12.30. The Multi-Vehicle Traveling Purchaser Problem with Pairwise Incompatibility Constraints and Unitary Demands: A Branch-and-Price Approach Renata Mansini - Università di Brescia
17/10/16 Reaction-Diffusion Equations Arising in the Mathematical Modelling of Population Dynamics - first part Tommaso Lorenzi - University St. Andrews (Scotland)
14/10/16 11.00 Rinfresco 10.45, inizio seminario 11.00 A Spectral Perspective on Shapes Ron Kimmel - Technion, Haifa, Israele
16/01/16 14.00 Sala verde Understanding Ebola virus disease in West Africa: epidemiological investigation and mathematical modeling Dr. Stefano Merler, FBK - - Trento