Epidemiological Methods - 4th exam session (18 September)

Epidemiological Methods - 4th exam session (18 September)

Dear Students,

the 4th exam session of the course "Epidemiological methods and clinical epidemiology" (Master's degree in Medical Bioinformatics) will be held as an online oral test (using the Zoom software) on 18th September

You have to confirm your participation in the exam by sending an e-mail to Prof Simone Accordini (simone.accordini@univr.it) and Dr Alessandro Marcon (alessandro.marcon@univr.it) within 13th September. You will take the exam at the time that will be communicated by e-mail on 14th September.

You will need a computer with a webcam, microphone and speakers/headphones.

It may be necessary to download and install the Zoom software before taking the exam (you will probably be asked to install the software when you click on the participation link that you will receive by email on the exam day). Please, verify that everything works on your computer before taking the exam.

The exam will be carried out as described in the course web page except that it will be oral instead of written:



Students are asked to do a statistical analysis using the STATA software (we will type commands for you) and to interpret the STATA output. Students are also asked to respond to some questions on the course program.


Best regards


Simone Accordini, Alessandro Marcon

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Epidemiological Methods - 4th exam session (18 September)
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