A holistic approach to Computer Engineering for Industry 4.0

  giovedì 25 maggio 2023

This workshop will describe the main results of the 5-year Excellence project on Computer Engineering for Industry 4.0.

Fourteen technical presentations are scheduled covering all main topics of the project, that is: Cyber-physical systems
modeling, 3D printing, Computing architecture, Mixed reality, Image analysis, Advanced robots management, Safety in
a human-machine environment, Security & privacy, Validation/verification and testing.
Moreover, three further presentations are provided by the reviewers of the project, that are internationally well known experts.
The attendees will thus have a comprehensive and updated view of the research in Industry 4.0 with some directions to
Industry 5.0

The location is the Conference room of Ordine degli Ingegneri di Verona and the ICE Laboratory, both located in via S.Teresa 12 Verona.

The workshop is free, but the registration is mandatory (follow the link).

Live presentations of the demonstrator will be available during the day, in particular at coffee break and lunch time.

Slides of presentations:



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