Tools for Artists - VFX Tool Development at Weta Digital

Tools for Artists - VFX Tool Development at Weta Digital
Relatore:  Marco Revelant - Weta Digital
  martedì 11 luglio 2017 alle ore 11.00 Rinfresco 10.45, inizio seminario 11.00.
In this talk, Marco Revelant will discuss a few iterations of the processes and challenges that Weta Digital encountered, so that it pushed technology to its limits, production after production. The journey starts with our work on The Jungle Book , which in a number of ways proved to be more challenging than anticipated, moving into a variety of other projects, and ending with the recent challenge posed by the latest movie of the Planet of the Apes franchise: War for the Planet of the Apes.
Marco will show how Weta Digital’s set of tools has been growing over the years, to allow artists to reach the high level of quality and realism Weta is re-known for, while maintaining the flexibility necessary to support the high turnaround workflows that the studio’s clients have come to expect.

Contact person: Umberto Castellani

Ca' Vignal - Piramide, Piano 0, Sala Verde


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26 giugno 2017

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