The Rigorous Numerical Kernel of Ariadne

Relatore:  Pieter Collins - Univ. di Maastricht
  martedì 2 aprile 2019 alle ore 16.30 Aula Verde
In this talk, I will describe the mathematical foundations and the computational kernel of the Ariadne model-checking tool. The computational kernel includes generic interfaces for numbers, functions and sets, and various concrete implementations of these. It includes support for important basic mathematical operations, including interval arithmetic, matrix algebra, automatic differentiation, Taylor polynomial and Fourier function calculi, and geometric operations based on pavings and constraints. These in turn are used for more complicated operations, such as the solution of algebraic and differential equations, and of constraint satisfaction and optimisation problems. The kernal is based on the theory of computable analysis, which provides a clear conceptual framework and semantics of allowable operation. Throught the talk, I will give examples of the use of the tool to rigorously solve simple problems from the mathematical sciences.

Contact Person: Prof. Tiziano Villa


Data pubblicazione
18 marzo 2019

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