From 3D models to 3D prints: an overview of the processing pipeline

Relatore:  Marco Livesu - IMATI CNR Genova
  venerdì 16 novembre 2018 alle ore 12.30 Aula I
Due to the wide diffusion of 3D printing technologies, geometric algorithms for Additive Manufacturing (AM) are being invented at an impressive speed. Each single step along the processing pipeline that prepares the 3D model for fabrication can now count on dozens of methods, that analyse and optimize geometry and machine instructions for various objectives. We  provide a classification of this huge state of the art, and discuss the relation between each single algorithm and a list of desirable objectives during model preparation – a process globally refereed to as Process Planning. We broadly categorize AM technologies to explicitly relate classes of devices and supported features. Finally, we provide an analysis of the state of the art while discussing open and challenging problems from both an academic and an industrial perspective.

Contact person: Andrea Giachetti


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29 ottobre 2018

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