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Date Seminar Seminar series
5/13/24 Numerical method for Mathematical finance
Timetable: | Speaker: Silvia Lavagnini (Oslo University - Department of Data Science and Analytics Nydalsveien)
Mathematics mini courses 2023-24
4/3/24 Numerical methods for uncertainty quantification [MAT08, 2 ECTS]
Timetable: (starting from, 2 weeks) | Speaker: Chiara Piazzola (Technical University of Munich)
Mathematics mini courses 2023-24
3/19/24 Modeling the "biotic pump": quantifying the role of ecosystem transpiration in water cycle and temperature mitigation
Timetable: h 15:00  Sala Verde (presenza e remoto) | Speaker: Ugo Bardi (Università di Firenze)
Seminari del Dipartimento di Informatica
3/6/24 Microscopic and macroscopic traffic models for low- and high-density crowds
Timetable: h 16:30  Aula G | Speaker: Emiliano Cristiani (CNR- IAC, Roma)
2/27/24 Young Researchers Seminars, Maths Applications & Models (Fraccarolo, Marini)
Timetable: h 14:30  Aula F | Speaker: Nicola Fraccarolo; Elisa Marini (Università di Trento; Università di Padova)
Tot 5 Seminars