From Bioinformatics and Engineering to Systems Biology

Speaker:  Elisa Ficarra - Politecnico di Torino
  Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 5:15 PM Verde (Ciclo COVAR)

The large amount, high throughput and complexity of the data coming from the recent new micro and nano technologies calls for the continuous development of data processing algorithms and tools supporting them, and thus for the development of bioinformatics.  In order to take advantage of this high informative potential, a shift in the paradigm of the interpretation of biological phenomena is envisioned. This has driven the emergence of the Systems Biology which represents a new field of research that aims at understanding and describing the complex relationships that build the diversity of life, focusing the observation on the global behaviour of the system.

In this seminar it will be discussed how a systemic approach can be applied to two biological research problems. The first problem concerns the enhancement of the information content of microarray’s data through the integration of heterogeneous genetic information coming from different microarray studies or platforms. The second problem tackles the merging of clinical bioimaging and gene microarrays analyses using a so called clinical-genomics approach in order to go insight of the comprehension of biological phenomena and discover predictive, preventive and personalized new therapies for multi-factorial genetic pathologies.

Programme Director
Marco Squassina

Publication date
June 22, 2007