Minicourse on suffix arrays

Speaker:  Johannes Fischer - University of Dortmund
  Monday, November 21, 2022 at 1:30 PM Mon, Tue, Wed 21, 22, 23/11/2023

Mon 21/11/202, 13:30-15:30 aula T.06 (CV3)
Tue 22/11/2022 13:30-15:30 aula C (CV1)
Wed 23/11/2022 9:30-11:30 aula G (CV2)

The suffix array is a classic text index which is at the core of many tools for text processing. This mini-course will give a first introduction to this important data structure: its use for pattern matching, efficient construction algorithms, the LCP array, and the relationship with suffix trees. 

The mini-course is part of the lecture "Computational Analysis of Genomic Sequences" (CdS Medical Bioinformatics), but can be followed independently by anyone who is interested (master students of computer science and engineering, advanced bachelor students of computer science or bioinformatics, PhD students, lecturers). 

For further questions please contact: Zsuzsanna Lipták 

Programme Director

Publication date
November 17, 2022