Spatial birth-and-death processes [2ECTS, MAT/06]

Speaker:  Viktor Bezborodov - University of Gottingen Institut für Mathematische Stochastik
  Monday, May 16, 2022 at 2:30 PM 4 lectures / 3 hours each


Many spatio-temporal phenomena can be effectively described exploiting the theory of Birth-and-death stochastic processes (B&D) related to the description of dynamics characterizing birth and death of generally intended individuals, w.r.t. the spatial trajectories they cover in time interacting with other components of the same population, often considering collaboration/competition mechanisms.

Such type of (stochastic) dynamics can be applied to a wide range of natural and social dynamics, spanning from biology, to finance, from social networks to image recognition and abstract considerations about interacting particle systems as happens concerning modelling physical systems. We will provide the basics about spatial B&D stochastic processes discussing some of the aforementioned applications. including basics of percolation theory and interacting particles systems.


-          Venue: on-line and in presence - 2CFU (12 hours)

-          Examiners: Luca Di Persio (University of Verona)

-          Assessment method: Project presentation exploiting material discussed during the course. Further topics, linked to the course contents, could be also considered

The mini course provides 2CFU


  • 16/05 2:30pm [3 hours]
  • 18/05 4:30pm [3 hours]
  • 23/05 2:30pm [3 hours]
  • 25/05 4:30pm [3 hours]

The course will be provided IN PRESENCE , Zoom link could be given upon request [ contact the organizer for the link  ]

Programme Director
Luca Di Persio

Publication date
April 7, 2022