Persistent homology: from theory to computation

Speaker:  Ulrich Bauer - Technische Universität München
  Monday, December 14, 2020 at 5:00 PM Via Zoom
In this talk, I will survey some recent results on theoretical and computational aspects of applied topology. I will illustrate various aspects of persistent homology:
its structure, which enables the use as a topological descriptor, its stability with respect to perturbations of the data, its computation on a large scale, and various applications.
These aspects will be motivated and illustrated by concrete examples and problems, such as
  • reconstruction of a shape and its topological properties from a point cloud,
  • denoising of isosurfaces for the visualization of medical images,
  • faithful simplification of contours lines of a real-valued function, and
  • the existence of unstable minimal surfaces.
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Contact Person: Lidia Angeleri

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December 4, 2020