Numerical methods for dispersive equations with low regularity [2 ECTS, MAT/08]

Speaker:  Katharina Schratz - Sorbonne Université
  Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:15 AM starting date
It is a course on the general topic of numerical methods for dispersive equations (with, for instance, the Schrödinger equation as a model problem). Classical methods such as splitting schemes and exponential integrators will be introduced and then the very recent research on low regularity integrators will be presented, with a special focus on error analysis and implemenation with spectral methods. The course will last two weeks and will be delivered online through live and recorded sessions.
Students who attended or willing to attend the second semester course in Numerical Methods for PDEs are strongly encouraged to attend this minicourse, too.

Katharina Schratz is professor at Sorbonne Université, winner of the ERC starting grant LAHACODE.

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Programme Director
Marco Caliari

Publication date
November 16, 2020