New teaching of mathematics: methods and case studies in a pandemic context - #VTMS

Speaker:  Elena Gaburro e Lara Montresor
  Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 9:00 PM
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Universities and schools of all levels have had to reinvent teaching methods to adapt to the circumstances and conditions dictated by the Covid-19 emergency. The ample room for maneuver left to each single school and university has created a fragmented reality in which institutions of the same type have been able to develop different teaching methods. During the seminar, Elena Gaburro and Lara Montresor will highlight the key aspects of the new organization of lower and upper secondary schools, finally proposing the new concept of blended teaching implemented at the University of Trento for the teaching of mathematics. The motivations and techniques underlying the project, the chosen instrumentation, the organization of lessons and technical support and the satisfaction of professors and students will be presented.

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Marco Caliari, Chairman of the Mathematics Teaching Committee
Matteo Frigo, Chairman of Associazione Alumni Matematica Verona

S. Busto, M. Dumbser, E. Gaburro. A simple but efficient concept of blended teaching of mathematics for engineering students during the COVID-19 pandemic, submitted to Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications

Programme Director
Marco Caliari

Publication date
November 6, 2020