Complex Systems in Biology and Medicine - #VTMS

Speaker:  Valeria Caliaro and Giada Fiandaca - INRIA and Politecnico di Torino
  Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 9:00 PM
Series #VeronesiTuttiMathSeminars #SafetyThenEnjoyMath

Dear students, dear mathematicians, dear colleagues,
we are pleased to announce the launch of a cycle of mathematics seminars (entitled Veronesi Tutti Math Seminars) held by former students of the degree courses in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics of the University of Verona (but not only). The first seminar will be held on November 4th at 9.00 pm, speakers Dr. Valeria Caliaro and Dr. Giada Fiandaca on the subject in question and in particular
How mathematical models can reveal and explore emergent phenomena that would otherwise remain unobserved and poorly understood: population dynamics and numerical simulations based on real experimental data.

The zoom link for the seminar is and the password is given by the first eight significant digits of arccos(-1). In order to be informed about the next seminars, please join the following mailing-list

Best regards,
Marco Caliari, Chairman of the Mathematics Teaching Committee
Matteo Frigo, Chairman of Associazione Alumni Matematica Verona

Programme Director
Marco Caliari

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Publication date
October 1, 2020