Quantum computers: a breakthrough in information processing and in machine programming at IBM

Speaker:  Michele Grossi - IBM Italy
  Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 9:30 AM Aula F - Ca' Vignal 1
The age of quantum computing is just around the corner. After years of study and development in the laboratories of universities and research centers, the first prototypes of quantum processors are now publicly available to anyone who wants to start experimenting with their potential. They implement a new computing paradigm that, based on the quantum properties of matter, allows in principle to exceed the capabilities of classical processors in solving complex problems and of enormous scientific and industrial interest.,
In this talk we’ll describe the basics of the technology from industrial point of view, applications and algorithms for quantum computing, showing where we are in the timeline toward reaching quantum advantage - the point where quantum computing shows demonstrable and significant advantage over classical computers

Programme Director
Alessandra Di Pierro

Publication date
September 9, 2019