Optimal Control Problems in Transport Dynamics

Optimal Control Problems in Transport Dynamics
Speaker:  Mattia Bongini - CEREMADE - Paris Dauphine
  Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 2:30 PM Sala verde
In this talk we shall discuss several results concerning the "indirect control of populations", i.e., how to influence a group of individuals by means of external agents with a directly controlled dynamics. By using the general theory of functionals defined on spaces of measures, we give sufficient conditions for the existence of optimal control strategies and then we present a Pontryagin Maximum Principle for such controls in the form of an Hamiltonian flow in the Wasserstein space of probability measure. Finally, we present an application of the above framework to the evacuation problem of a crowd from an unknown environment with the help of undercover stewards.

Contact person: Giacomo Albi

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February 7, 2018