Human-Computer Interaction: Evolution and Future Trend

Human-Computer Interaction: Evolution and Future Trend
Speaker:  Alfredo Ferreira - Universidade de Lisboa
  Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 2:30 PM Aula I - Rinfresco 14.15, inizio seminario 14.30.
Understanding the history of HCI is fundamental for anyone who intends to develop research in this area. This lecture will present the most relevant milestones in the history of how humans interact with computers. From Sutherland’s SketchPad in 1963 to the recently commercially available Microsoft Hololens, a long list of breakthroughs and failures will be discussed here. Additionally, this lecture will focus on the future trends on human-computer interaction. Here we will look at emerging technologies such as brain-computer interfaces, muscle-propelled feedback, or screenless displays. The lecture will end with an uncompromised futurology discussion into what might be the next “iPhone moment”.

Programme Director
Andrea Giachetti

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Publication date
June 22, 2017