Elders living alone, dementia and Case-based Reasoning

Speaker:  Jose M. Juarez - Dpto. Ingenieria Informacion y Comunicaciones Facultad de Informatica Universidad de Murcia
  Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 4:45 PM 4:45 p.m. rinfresco; 5:00 p.m. inizio seminario. -- Sala Verde

European population is becoming older due to the increment of life expectancy and low levels of fertility. According to Eurostat and WHO, there are no signs of change in this tendency. In the coming years, ageing of population will mean a great challenge for the European society and the administrations. Some evident effects of this ageing are the rising number of elders living alone, a higher prevalence of dementia diseases and the increase of healthcare needs. Independent living supported by IT and new technologies is one of the pillars of the EU to guarantee the quality of life and the social inclusion. In this sense, Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques will be essential to adapt home environments and enhance healthcare giving services. In particular, this talk presents our experience on two different scenarios (home alone elderly people and a dementia unit of a hospital) and how some AI techniques (such as Case-base Reasoning) can help to solve some of these problems.

Programme Director
Carlo Combi

Publication date
July 3, 2012