Cycle Bases in Graphs

Speaker:  Romeo Rizzi - Universita' degli studi di Udine
  Monday, September 26, 2011 at 3:45 PM 15:45 rinfresco; ore 16:00 inizio seminario
The plan is to talk about cycle bases in graphs, define what they are, recall some basic known facts from old graph theory and spotlight the link with Kirchhoff law,
present Horton's surprising algorithm and point out research directions which have recently blossomed within this beautiful topic.
With this, we intend to present some of our own results and contributions concerning cycle bases. However, since it would be nice to present my research activity, interests, attitudes and competences on a more general level, we can possibly open or close the seminar by browsing my previous (3 years ago) non-technical presentation of my profile.

Ca' Vignal 1, Floor terra, Lecture Hall C

Programme Director
Carlo Combi

Publication date
September 19, 2011