The mathematics of cancer: modelling and simulation in cancer research

Speaker:  Andrea Sottoriva - University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Insititute
  Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 4:15 PM Ore 16.15 caffĂ© e pasticcini, ore 16.30 inizio seminario.

 Cancer is the second cause of death in the industrialised countries.
Nonetheless, it is still a partially obscure disease and its cure
represents one of the great challenges for modern science. Cancer is a
highly complex phenomenon of genetic origin that results
from the interaction of a large set of biological and physical
processes. Technically speaking, a malignancy is a complex system.
Today, mathematical modelling of cancer (MMC) is being used more and
more in oncology, where it is considered a powerful
research tool, possibly able to describe and simulate the huge amount
of mechanisms involved in the formation and progression of the
The aim of such research field is to provide solid theoretical
frameworks that integrate concepts of applied mathematics, computer
physics and statistics together with the classical biological and
medical understanding of cancer.
Also generically referred to as  'In Silico Oncology', MMC offers a
radically different, highly computational approach
to cancer research and permits to address several open questions that
are today off-limits for any wet lab.
Moreover, due to its predictive power, MMC could potentially be
employed directly in the clinic for treatment planning and
prognosis prediction.

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Programme Director
Debora Botturi

Publication date
March 30, 2009